Best GIF Ever

I could watch this and laugh all day.



The real hero from “The Avengers” was Joss Whedon for yet again writing and directing a excellent film that could of easily been a disaster.

Brown Coat for life! ;)

Wes Anderson Commercial

How did I not know that Wes Anderson has done commercials?

Love that guy.


“Firefox has experienced a problem with Windows”


I got offered a job today. I start April 3. Knowing that you have a job is a good feeling. Knowing that you don’t have to search for jobs and can do whatever between now and April 3 is a good feeling. Knowing that I’m going on an awesome Mexico missions trip in a week is an awesome feeling. Knowing that God loves you and provides is an amazing feeling.

So yeah, I guess I feel pretty good.

Brainstorm Time

So I’m trying to develop myself as a screenwriter. Basically what you have to do to get better at screenwriting is to write. I know that information just blew your mind, but try to stay with me here. In order to actually write a script, you need to start with a concept, which is where BRAINSTORMING comes in.

So I’m trying to brainstorm everyday now. The deal is, I’ve got to write down whatever ideas pop into my head, no matter how stupid they sound. Right now I’m in a Twilight Zone-ish state of mind, so I’m looking for sci-fi-ish/surreal/weird ideas. I’m not going to share the ideas I thought I could maybe, possibly, actually do something with, because well, I DON’T TRUST ANY OF YOU. Just kidding. Kind of. What I WILL do is share some of my stupid ideas from today, (and by that I mean 2 ideas), so you can be entertained. If you can think of a way to turn one of these into something you think is genius, let me know so I can be impressed.


-a girl twirls her hair so much that she gets pulled into a world inside of her hair (Jo is twirling her hair right now)

-a guy goes to a world where people eat gold

Well, that was pretty anti-climatic.